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In an effort to recollect the greatness of the 18 Sidhars, will be writing about 1 Sidhar / week.


Thirumoolar is one of the main Sidhars of the 18 Sidhars. He comes under the  'Thiru  Kailaaya lineage' ( Lord Shiva à Devi Parvati àNandhi àThirumoolar.). He had great liking for Sage Agastya. So he moved from Kailash towards Kanyakumari (Podhigai Malai). He reached Chidambaram and was greatly devoted to Lord Nataraj.
One day, he was crossing the river side of Cauvery. He saw a herd of cows crying around a dead body. Ot was the dead body of Moolan – a shepherd, who use to take care of these cows. Seeing the pains of the cows, the Sidhar shed his body and moved into the body of Moolan by Parakaaya pravesam ( soul moving from one body to another). Seeing Moolan alive, the cows merrily grazed and went off  to their respective houses in the evening. Moolan’s wife thought that her husband is back and asked him to come in. He explained the story to her and to the villagers. He shed the body and again rentered. This made them to belived that Moolan is dead. The Sidhar went in search of his original body. But he couldn’t see that. With out options, he moved on with Moolan’s body. He reached Thiruvavaduthurai and wrote Thirumandiram .
Legend of Arasa Maram: ( FIG TREE )
Once Thirumoolar was crossing Suryapuri. The country was sad on the demise of its king Surya Varma. The Queen Sangamitra was in a devastated state of mind. People in the country were grieve struk. Seeing this Thirumoolar thought that he will get into the body of the king to keep the people away from the pain. He reached his ashram and told his disciple Jnanadevan that as per his Karmic connections, he has to be part of the royal family’s story for some time and will come back. He told that he will shed his physical body and will get into the physical body of the king for some time. Till he comes back, he asked his disciple to safe guard his original body. Jnanadevan safe guarded Thirumoolar’s body in a cave.
The king got alive as soon as Thirumoolar entered into his body. Life went on normal for all. The queen could see lot of changes in the behavior of her husband. One day she asked for the reason. Thirumoolar thought he shouldn’t hide it and explained the full story. He told that , if she wants, he will leave the body immediately. The Queen wanted to retain her husband alive.
One day he asked Thirumoolar – “ Sage, Im worried that, ur divine body will be affected by having relationship with a normal person like me.” Thirumoolar told that his physical body will not be affected by such acts. He told that his body can be burnt only by burning him on a Solar eclipse day with 7 different chemicals and told the secret of it. The queen was selfish and wanted to destroy the original body of Thirumoolar, that’s lying in the den. She ordered the tribal near the den to destroy the body of Thirumoolar that was lying in the den. The tribals did so and gave the ashes to the queen.
Meanwhile Thirumoolar at Suryapuri could understand the full story with his Jnanadrishti. He moved out and started tapas under a big tree. After a long tapas, he woke up and saw a dead body near by. It was a Bhramin’s body who passed away due to wrong practice of Raja Yoga. He wanted to give salvation to that Bhramin. He wanted to shed the body of the king and move into the Bhramin’s dead body. He hid the King’s body in a big hole of the tree under which he was meditating. He closed the hole. Since the tree gave shelter for him to meditate long, he told that, henceforth that species of tree will be worshiped by all.  Since a king’s body was hid inside the tree, it was named as Arasamaram ( Arasan – king in Tamil, maram – tree)   
 The life of Thirumoolar continued in different physical forms. He is believed to have lived for 3000 years. He wrote 1 song / year and wrote 3000 songs in Thirumandiram.
Karuvur Sidhar constructed a temple in Chidambaram at the Samadhi of Thirumoolar. Its believed that the Original Samadhi was at Thiruvavaduthurai.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Bala is the basic step in SriVidya Upasana. Here we see Devi as a girl child (Bala). Sidhars call it as Vaalai Vazhipaadu.

Many of us do Bala mainly as a Mantra Sidhi exercise to move up the next levels of Sri Vidya towards Maha Sodashi.. But the bigger picture behind Bala is taking control on one's Prana Sakthi.

When we sleep, the Pranan rests at Visudhi chakra.( near our throat). When it stirs thoughts, it becomes dream. After these thoughts are settled, we get into sleep.By Yogic powers we can reach a stage beyond this day - night differentiation.  When they attain 'Madyama Jagradam' or 'Yoga Nidra', they go beyond the control of time ( day , night transition).

When we take control of our Mind, Body, Pranan, Thoughts, Words, Actions, then Pranan has no other go other than to move inwards towards Visudhi Chakra. In this process Visudhi Chakra takes control of Ajna Chakra. So now Prana Sakthi doesnt go below the stomach area and is forced to move upwards only. We win over hunger and Thirst and can mediate for days continuosly.

Prana flows in and out of the body. In ward flow of Prana is controlled by Bala & outward by Ganapathy. Inb the seas we see that the wave hitting the shore has lesser force than the force of the wave that is receeding back. So, the objective of Bala worship is to shift the Prana from an Exgress stage to Ingress stage. Once we reach this level, we can feel that we got Sidhi of Bala.

The Bija Mantra of Bala has -  '  Aiym Kleem Sow ' invokes Sarawathi, Durga & Lakshmi respectively
Ganapathy Mantra " “Aum shrim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svaha” helps to control the 5 senses.

Combination of Bala and Ganapathy worship makes us get control of our Prana and senses. We take control of our body and mind and win over the materialistic world. At this stage, we get the Darshan of Bala Tripurasundari. After that we move to the next levels like Panchadasi, Shodasi and Maha paduka.

Still, its really a great experience to be an Upasaka of Bala, as you relate her as a 9 year old child and worship. She will be with you, the moment you tell her name - Bala.